The Road to Why with Ed Christmas


In the unprecedented times of the 2020 pandemic, Ed Christmas was challenged with the question, “What’s Your Why?”. As the founder and president of a technology firm, he questioned the reason for the digital divide and the under-representation of blacks in the field of technology and entrepreneurship.

With that, in his new podcast series, “The Road to Why”, Ed Christmas engages in meaningful conversations with fellow technology industry experts, business leaders, and non-profit organizations about making a difference, not just making a profit. He invites his guests to share their journey of deciding their “why” and where they’re headed to achieve their goals.

He highlights the positive impact that is being made in lives and communities of those who have been forgotten. It is through these discussions that Ed hopes to bring attention and awareness to the opportunities to build a brighter future of economic and digital equality in underserved communities.

The Road to Why podcast is proudly sponsored by Cisco. Sology Solutions is honored to be a member of the African American Cisco Partner Community.

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