062: How Can You Use Video to Promote Your Brand, with EMMY WU

Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

Oct 15 2021 • 36 mins

So everyone is telling you that video is where it's at today, when it comes to building your brand.

Use video for all your content!
Use video in your emails!
Use video on your website!

But is anyone telling us what we should be doing, or more importantly, what we should be saying, in all these videos?

Enter stage left, EMMY WU, a former behind-the-camera guru for the likes of Paramount and Disney, who joined me for episode 62 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, and breaks down for all of us, the how and what and why behind all the videos you make, to take your brand to the next level.

After spending two decades for those big names, Paramount and Disney, Emmy has always been a storyteller. She spent most of her career coordinating things behind the camera and served as a medium between cast and crew. Eventually, she realized that her talents were better served in front of the camera, and she started her own business helping clients discover their own unique way of promoting their business and brand through video.

Her company has two branches: one is an agency side that produces branded content and serves as a media outlet, and the other is teaching business owners how to grow with storytelling through video. A huge part of her work is helping her clients get over their fears of being on camera, and that taking small steps with the bigger vision in mind will lead you to success.

Another unique aspect of her distillation of a client's goals, is understanding that each person has their own unique way of expressing themselves. Through her customized distillation process, she discovers a client’s personalized storytelling archetype. From there, she helps them put together a plan that they feel good about and makes them want to show up more. Her clients are able to then tell their story in a beautiful, artful way that’s also clear and effective in terms of a sales strategy.

So pop in your ear buds and get ready for a truly unique and wonderful listen as Emmy will take you by the hand and help you understand that being in front, and behind, the camera, is where you need to be to grow your business.

What’s Inside:

●       How you can use video to show up authentically and promote your business.
●       The four archetypes of story and how they impact the way you present yourself on video.
●       Why doing deep work to get to your core message is important before creating content.
●       What kind of stories you should be telling to promote your brand.

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