047: Stop Being a Weenie! with KATIE MCMANUS

Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

Apr 25 2021 • 32 mins

With one great tagline after another, business coach and all-around badass business owner, KATIE MCMANUS joins me this week on Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, and you will want to carve out some time for this one!

Totally fun, slightly irreverent, and usually the smartest person in the room or on the Zoom, McManus tells us how she went from an online dating coach for men, into one of the more sought-after business coaches on LinkedIn. Her tagline, “Stop being a weenie and start your business already!” tells you all you need to know about her coaching style.

In this fun-filled interview with lot's of laughter, you’re going to hear Katie’s advice for:
●       Heart-centered service providers who want to make a living wage.
●       Niching down without cutting off potential clients.
●       Small businesses who are ready to scale up.

What’s Inside:

●       Coaching programs do not prepare you for running a business, so Katie’s taken on that challenge to help coaches dream bigger.
●       When you choose a niche, prepare to dance with the universe as you figure out what people really need.
●       If you want to gag when you think about selling, you need to try out Katie’s “holistic selling.”

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