053: Is Your Content Organically Certified? with MANDY McEWEN

Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

Jun 25 2021 • 41 mins

Still think you need to pay for ads to get exposure or engagement?

Still think the way to build your brand is through Google clicks or Facebook advertising?

Well pull up a chair and have a listen to episode #53 with MANDY McEWEN of Mod Girl Marketing, who talks about building your personal brand organically, and what that actually means.

Mandy gets into how important it is to grow and master your organic content before you even think about spending ad money. Tell a story about how you have helped people, NOT how awesome your company is. You want people to say great things about you and the value you offer. Sometimes it pays to be vulnerable. Show your personality. Add value to your audience.

Mandy’s quick tips:

●       Put yourself out there on social media. Create useful content and tips for your audience.
●       Figure out what kind of content is going to get views, attention, and engagement (and hopefully leads and conversions).
●       Stick with one social media to start and focus on it.
●       Master organic marketing before you start any paid ads.
●       Figure out where your customers are hanging out. Is it Instagram? Post your content there.
●       Build a partnership with others who have complimentary services.

What’s Inside:

●       What do Mod Girl Marketing and Luminetics specialize in?
●       What is a backlink and why is it beneficial?
●       The most important hours for social media engagement.
●       The easiest way to create content for social media.
●       The importance of SEO.

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