046: Can Sales and Marketing REALLY Work Together? with SHERRI SCHWARTZ

Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

Apr 16 2021 • 38 mins

Straddling both sides of the sales and marketing worlds, the Senior Director of Marketing for First Orion (a company change since the podcast was first recorded), Sherri Schwartz took her experience as the number one sales rep in a male dominated industry, and turned it into a highly successful career in both sales and marketing.

Get ready for a Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails episode filled with high-end advice for both sides of the sales and marketing aisle.

With experience in startups, military sales, and fintech, Sherri shares her brilliant advice and experience navigating the ecosystems of sales and marketing and getting them to work together.

In this episode, Sherri and I dive into what it’s like to thrive in the sales bro culture; what it means to be a sales champion to the marketing team, and how to get ahead with hard work and extensive preparation.  You'll also hear:

●       How her sales and marketing background helps her integrate the two teams.
●       Why she uses educational meetings to get key constituents together.
●       Her perspective on building a marketing system for startup companies.

What’s Inside:

●       What to do when you’re building a startup’s marketing from the ground up and you don’t have a benchmark from the previous year to measure against your success.
●       If you feel like your sales pitch is stuffy, I’d encourage you to start a TikTok account.
●       Why you should monitor the words people use to discover you so that you don’t miss out on what consumers want.

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