051: Isn't It Time You Got Your Website Right? w/SAM DUNNING

Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails

Jun 4 2021 • 30 mins

Have you built your website to look pretty, or to get customers? Does your website have amazing bells and whistles, but no one is clicking through and inquiring about your services or products?

Isn't the real, ultimate reason for your website to attract your ideal client and get business? Well say hello to website guru from England, SAM DUNNING of Web Choice, who joined me on episode number 51 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, to go over some real nuts and bolts on how to optimize your web presence to get clients.

Sam started out as a camera salesman, quickly got hired by Web Choice, and is now one of Web Choice’s owners. Web Choice is a company that helps small businesses build websites, strategize SEO, and help businesses grow from a website and social media perspective.

According to Sam, these are the three main things to consider when building your website:

  1. Did I design this website considering my ideal customer, or did I build it with own preferences in mind?
  2. Will this engage my ideal customer within seconds? Does it build trust and make them want to work with me?
  3. Does my website let my ideal customer know how I can help them, instead of just talking up my business?

What’s Inside:

●      The top three ways to get traffic to your website.
●      How you can optimize LinkedIn.
●      What NOT to do when building a website to attract your ideal client.

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