Episode 150: Martin McAloon Plays Prefab Sprout alone; Yard Act at Leeds Festival; Best Album Covers of All Time

Two Big Egos in a Small Car

Sep 10 2023 • 38 mins

For their 150th episode, Charles and Graham enjoy a rare night out together at the Old Woollen, Farsley, as bassist Martin McAloon switches to guitar and vocals to execute his own versions of Prefab Sprout hits, album gems and B-sides. Did this gig, played by only a single member of the sublime north eastern band, make Two Big Egos 'Swoon' or not?

Surviving the middle day of this year's Leeds Festival, Graham reflects on his meeting with James Smith of Leeds band Yard Act.

What makes a classic album cover? Charles and Graham put their spin on the latest public poll on the best sleeve designs of all time.