0050: Acquiring and Scaling Brands with Mark Goldfinger of unybrands

Amazing Exits Podcast

Nov 3 2021 • 38 mins

Mark Goldfinger is the Senior Director of Growth at unybrands, a leading next-generation e-commerce platform. He held a variety of senior roles while working with WeWork for the past six years. He focused on growth and international expansion, opening new markets, growing and hiring a sales team, and building out processes in existing markets. Mark has experience working directly with executives to drive impactful results and achieve long-term growth.

In this episode…

Knowing how to build and scale your brand can be difficult. With the push to digital platforms, how can you focus on the long-term growth of your digital brand?

Mark Goldfinger at unybrands answers the call to help brands grow. He has experience opening and developing new markets, and his focus on business development gives your brand the best exit strategy. At unybrands, they are a team of digital commerce strategic buyers accomplished in buying and boosting brands.

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller is joined by Mark Goldfinger, Senior Director of Growth at unybrands, to discuss how to structure and grow your e-commerce brand for sustainability. Together they talk about the importance of stability payments, product development and creation for more significant capital, and building relationships with founders to have their best exit. Stay tuned!