'I miss the way she would hold us. I could feel her heart and her warmth.'

The Bottom Line Podcast

Oct 30 2023 • 28 mins

Mehroz and Seemab chat with Stephanie about the loss of their sister Afroz, to bowel cancer at age 33.

Diagnosed shortly after the birth of her son, Afroz, like many bowel cancer patients, put her symptoms down to being a new mum. Bowel cancer was not something she even considered.

Remarkably close to their sister, Mehroz and Seemab wanted to honour Afroz’s memory establishing 'Set in September the Label', to raise much needed funds for Bowel Cancer Australia and early-onset bowel cancer.

This episode confronts the heart ache and pain of losing someone so young, but the beauty of letting her memory live on in her son.

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