Zainab Salbi: A Journey of Hope and Resilience, From Conflict Zones To Climate Activism

The Founder Spirit

Dec 1 2023 • 42 mins

In this episode ofThe Founder Spirit, we meet Zainab Salbi, an Iraqi-American women's rights activist making significant strides in humanitarian work and accelerating women-led initiatives for climate actions at Daughters for Earth.

Growing up during the Iran-Iraq War, Zainab stresses the importance of recognizing women's experiences during times of conflict and highlights her mother's influence in nurturing her feminist beliefs.

Zainab's discusses her passion for aiding women in founding Women for Women International, an organization that has connected a million women and distributed $150 million in 16 countries. Reflecting on her experiences in conflict zones, Zainab highlights the beauty and resilience of humanity amid the horrors of war, and shares inspiring stories of strength and love.

Transitioning into her new role as a climate activist and co-founder of Daughters for Earth, Zainab emphasizes the need for new value systems centered around Earth's health and advocates for regenerative agriculture and the importance of women's leadership in addressing climate change. Her latest campaign The Hummingbird Effect uses graphic novels to educate the public and inspire collective action.

How did someone who grew up under the shadows of Saddam Hussein went about to transform the lives of millions of people around the world impacted by war?

TUNE IN to this moving conversation with Zainab Salbi, and join the movement for positive change by supporting Daughters for Earth and fostering resilience in face of global challenges.

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