E29 - Erica Wiederlight - Finding your light

Strong Single and Human

Dec 14 2021 • 1 hr

This week’s guest transitioned from traditional life coach to sex, love, and relationship work and it came from a place of need within herself.

She had chronic anxiety, hatred of her body, self-doubt, short-changing and depriving herself of her true needs and it finally had to come to a halt.

A voice inside was whispering, "Girl, come on now, you're not living-- you are barely surviving.

Processing years of pain and developing an understanding deep within that she was worthy of pleasure and full-blown confidence. In her words, she transformed like a motherfuckin' butterfly.

She am a certified VITA sex, love, and relationship coach with a focus on conscious dating and sexuality. Additionally, She am also a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Angel Card Reader. I have also trained extensively under Mama Gena, Gabby Bernstein, Layla Martin, Sheila Kelly, amongst others.

And if that all isn’t enough, she is a podcaster and blogger too

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