Episode 7: A Canadian cross country musical road trip and cdn bands still playing abroad .

The Talk Music Podcast

Jul 28 2022 • 54 mins

In the season finale we talk about why Canadian Music has punched above its weight on a worldwide basis. Is it something about being a country of distinct regions each with a music style and history? What are they and why? A top Canadian music exec who produced The Stones, Peter Gabriel and Black Sabbath, Gary Muth , wades into the discussion as well with his take on who makes it where and how in Canada. Almost every Canadian artist and band who has had hits and you might remember is talked about in this cross Canada tour of our musical and physical landscape. Relive the tunes of your youth:)

A couple of specific tracks mentioned are Streethearts version of Under my Thumb, and both Lightfoot's and Dylan's cover version  of  Early Morning Rain.

A lot of those Canadian bands continue to have overseas success and tour even as they fade away at home. Find out who still is drawing crowds in Germany on their famous tv show Rockpalast and at other festivals.

There is also a couple of Canadian "Hidden Gems" to discover.  As well an artist that has flown "Under The Radar" despite having had the first million selling single by a black Cdn artist. Tragically Hip's Day for Night, Amanda Marshall's Birmingham and Harrison Kennedy- Chairman of the Board are all featured.

See you back here in early October for more great music stories.