Talk Music Podcast Episode 4: Managers-Love em or Hate em and first breaks

The Talk Music Podcast

Jul 7 2022 • 46 mins

What's the importance of the relationship between the artist and the manager? Good ones , bad ones, who got ripped off and who made the money?  How does it work well and how does it go wrong? Who fired theirs?

First big break: How did bands get theirs?

Your most important Gig . How people get discovered.  Great stories about artists big breaks including a long shot tale of one that Tom discovered who's big break involved a cassette.

We look at a   “ Canadian Gem”   you should re visit where the album has some of the biggest Cdn names involved  in it behind the scenes like Bryan Adams.  In “Under The Radar”  Tom  features a 16 year old making some noise and getting to be a finalist in European awards already. Andrew 's  “Best of...”  doc recommendation is of a newly rediscovered festival called the black Woodstock . Andrew and Tom  argue over  “Best…Vocalist ”. Can there be only one? Can you compare genres... rocker verses Pop singer? Whats your pick?

Bands and artists discussed: The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Kazzer, Gordie Johnson, Prism, Bryan Adams, Ally Cribb, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Robert Plant, Chris Cornell of Soundgarten, John Anderson, Sly and the Family Stone

A Multi Platinum music producer/manager and a music super fan talk music. The focus is both Canadian and Global.

Managers: Love em or hate em ?

Over his 40 yr music career, Tom Treumuth worked as a talent scout for RCA (USA) including working closely with Gene Simmons. His Hypnotic label released over 100 albums via A&M/Universal. Tom also ran a recording studio, did artist management/bookings and he produced over 60 albums with 8 achieving Gold and Platinum awards ( Honeymoon Suite, Helix, Big Sugar). More recently Tom was Co Managing Director of indie label Frostbyte (Universal) . His career started as a musician in True Myth who recorded the world's 1st digital rock album.

Co -host Andrew Schalk a chef and a self professed music junkie.

The Producer of The Talk Music Podcast is Eric  Morrison, a television producer , executive and journalist.