The Talk Music Podcast : Episode 3- Live Venues and dead (?) rock

The Talk Music Podcast

Jun 30 2022 • 47 mins

What makes a great live venue and a great concert. From Massey Hall to Wembley ,The Commodore Ballroom  to the House of Blues who does it right?

The guys also debate -is Rock Music is dead? Can anybody break in as a Rock band these days? Record executive Gary Muth ,who signed some of the great Rock acts of all time like the Stones and Black Sabbath, gives his take on how the industry has changed for rock bands trying to make it now.

A Multi Platinum  music producer/manager and a music super fan talk music. The focus is both Worldwide and Canadian.

Tom Tremuth and Andrew Schalk  discover another hidden Canadian Gem of an album you may have forgotten about, find another artist who has flown Under the Radar but deserves a listen, do a "quick take" on the best books on Bob Dylan and argue over the greatest - Rock Keyboardists.... who is your pick?

Artists mentioned: Johnny Cash, Motorhead, The Stones, Big Sugar, U2, Rush, Metallica, Neil Young, The Pogs, Roots, Kazer, Honeymoon Suite, Rival Sons, Greta Van Fleet, Billie Eilish, Bob Dylan, Keith Emerson

Over his 40 yr music career, Co-host Tom Treumuth worked as a talent scout for RCA (USA) including working closely with Gene Simmons. His Hypnotic label released over 100 albums via A&M/Universal. Tom also ran a recording studio, did artist management/bookings and he produced over 60 albums with 8 achieving Gold and Platinum awards ( Honeymoon Suite, Helix, Big Sugar). More recently Tom was Co Managing Director of indie label Frostbyte (Universal) . His career started as a musician in True Myth who recorded the world's 1st digital rock album.

Co -host Andrew Schalk a chef and a self professed music junkie.

The Producer of The Talk Music Podcast is Eric  Morrison, a television producer , executive and journalist.