The Avatars: Ushering in a New Beginning

David Cope and Peggy Lit

For thousands of years mankind has experienced itself through the mind which has created the world we know. It has been foretold that this is a time of great change in the consciousness of the planet. What is the paradigm shift required to usher in a new reality?brbr Science has proven that the heart is a highly complex, self-organized information processing center. The capacity to live from the heart is innate to humans but has been obscured by the mind. Living from the heart cannot be understood or known from the mind. It is the transcendent experience of outgrowing the mind and living from the one’s innate experience. Peggy describes this experience as a religion of self, which is the belief in one’s self, not an external reality. Its basis is self love, the experience of being complete within one’s self.brbr Join Avatars Peggy and David as they share their fantastic voyage of inner exploration that unfolded the unique and fresh worldview of living from the heart. read less