Boardroom: Out of Office

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Boardroom: Out of Office brings fans inside the careers and conversations of some of the world's most fascinating thought leaders, including entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers. Host Rich Kleiman brings out never-before-heard stories, career trajectories, and key pieces of advice that only come from the kinds of discussions held out of the office.

Episode 66: Rich and Gianni Take MiamiWes Moore Joins The BoardroomEpisode 64: Wrapping Up The NBA Season With Kevin Durant And The ETCsEpisode 63: CEO and founder of Spartan and the Death Race Joe De SenaEpisode 62: Animal Style with Rich and GianniEpisode 61: Checking In With Rich and GianniEpisode 60: Venture Capital Pioneer Alan PatricofEpisode 59: NASCAR Cup Series Driver, Bubba WallaceEpisode 58:  Founder and CEO of LionTree, Aryeh B. BourkoffEpisode 57: New Year vibes with Rich Kleiman and Gianni HarrellEpisode 56:  Philanthropist, entrepreneur and co-founder of Airbnb: Joe GebbiaC13Features Presents: Ghostwriter, Starring Kate Mara and Adam ScottEpisode 55:  A pioneer in women's sports agents, former tennis pro and Serena Williams' longtime powerhouse agent Jill SmollerEpisode 54: Mogul, author, TV personality and investor on ABC's  Shark Tank Daymond JohnEpisode 53: Movie and television producer, writer and founder of Imagine Entertainment Brian GrazerEpisode 52: Season two premiere with Lakers Owner Jeanie BussEpisode 51: Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman, & Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals on the Future of Weed & SportsEp 50: Rich and Gianni recap Out of Office's 50-episode debut season and discuss finding their groove in podcasting, Lebron’s reboot of Space Jam, and the excitement of the NBA Playoffs.Episode 49: Dusty Baker, the Houston Astros manager, on navigating the Astros through crisis, what impressed him most about Barry Bonds, and his admiration for Mike Trout and Jacob DeGrom.Episode 48: Paul Rabil on co-founding the Premier Lacrosse League, being inspired by KD’s playoffs performance, and his ambitious goals for the PLL.