Ferrall on the Bench


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Our Editor's Take

Those who follow sports know that things can change at a moment's notice. Ferrall on the Bench is a fast and fun podcast that helps keep listeners up to date with all of the important sports stories of the day.

The podcast's host, Scott Ferrall, is a veteran sports journalist. He has been covering sports professionally for almost 40 years. After beginning his career in his native Pittsburgh as a sports reader, Ferrall worked in a variety of different local radio markets. He came to national prominence working at WNEW-FM in New York.

Throughout his career, Ferrall has worked with well-known radio personalities. These include such names as Howard Stern, and Opie and Anthony. Radio audiences know Ferrall for often including his personal commentary in sports stories. He also has a distinctive gravelly voice, which he has described as being like "old leather."

Ferrall on the Bench covers a wide variety of different sports stories. Whether it's football, hockey, baseball, or basketball, it'll end up on here if it's newsworthy. It helps to ensure that no group of fans feels left out.

Another excellent thing about this podcast is that it's so easy to listen to. The episodes are all 12 minutes long. This makes them ideal to put on during a brief commute or while at home. All episodes are available now on Amazon Music.

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