Mike Whitmire, CEO and Co-Founder at FloQast - Growth Stories Podcast

Growth Stories

May 11 2022 • 46 mins

Thank you, Mike, for joining the involve.ai Growth Stories Podcast.

On this episode of Growth Stories, FloQast CEO and Co-Founder Mike Whitmire gives solid advice to first-time founders, "Your business is unique, and as a founder, you know your business better than anybody. Investors will have a lot of great advice, but they also have portfolio bias, so stand strong, be confident, and do what's right for your company." Be sure to watch the entire episode for more on Mike's journey through starting FloQast, and how the accounting industry is changing with the current talent crunch.

As CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Whitmire leads FloQast's corporate vision, strategy and execution. Mike is also the author of Controller's Code: The Secret Formula to a Successful Career in Finance, an Amazon Best Seller providing career guidance for finance professionals. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Syracuse University.

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