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May 5 2022 • 27 mins

Thank you, Cathy, for joining the Growth Stories Podcast.

On today’s episode of Growth Stories, we are delighted to welcome Cathy Gao, Partner at Sapphire Ventures. Cathy was immersed in Texas culture when she moved from Shanghai to Texas without an ESL teacher to help facilitate the transition. Having that experience had a fundamental affect on her as a person, teaching her to lean into new experiences, and not fear them.

Cathy discusses some of the key differences of being an operator at a growth stage company versus being at a growth stage venture firm, and shares the importance of being scrappy when it comes to getting your foot in the door in venture. “Have a very clear message about why you are interested in venture, why you think you'd be good at venture, and be persistent. It only takes one person to hear you.”

Cathy has been an investor at multiple stages, and also a business operator. As a partner at Sapphire Ventures, Cathy specializes in B2B SaaS companies with the focus on digital customer experience, the future of work and collaboration, and digital health. Cathy led the firm’s investments, boards of and SafeGraph and is a board observer at Gem, Medable, UJET and Splashtop.

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