Dave Williams, VP of Talent Analytics at EMSI - Growth Stories Podcast

Growth Stories

Apr 28 2022 • 34 mins

Thank you, Dave, for joining the involve.ai Growth Stories Podcast.

Dave Williams leads the team of account management professionals, and focuses on delivering best in class logo retention and growth of existing revenue at EMSI. Dave has more than 10 years of experience as a SaaS business leader. Welcome to the show, Dave!

Dave grew up in a small community where everyone knows you, so your reputation matters. He started his first job out of college in sales at EMSI but struggled. He was fired - and devastated! But that didn’t stop him from deciding then and there that he could still prove himself. He fought back and found his way into customer success and the management of subscription renewals so that his sales team could remain “lean and mean”, which is what helped lead him to where he is today - the Vice President of Talent Analytics at EMSI.

Dave’s advice to aspiring customer success champions? ”It’s not always about you. Individuals who put others before themselves will succeed. Be faithful in the small, and you will be given responsibility.” He also adds, “outwork everyone to learn and be teachable to gain the knowledge and confidence to be successful!"


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