Nicholas Meyer (Time after Time & the Day After)

Directors Uncut!

May 20 2022 • 1 hr 35 mins

It would've been very easy to use the Wrath of Khan as the episode image, but that would've built up false expectations from Star Trek fans and this podcast won't be doing any of that. Star Wars neither. Instead, the image is from a 1973 film he wrote, Invasion of the Bee Girls. Classic, I know.

For films, we did do. First is the movie which influenced Ronald Reagan while in office. The American equivalent of Threads, the Day After. A lovely bit of nuclear apocalypse cinema for you there. Then we discuss his directorial debut, 1979's Time After Time. A lovely whimsical time-travelling romantic comedy cum slasher featuring H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper. Malcolm McDowell does not play who you think.

Then, in the last act, Rob is joined by Kat (The Hollywood News), Vincent (Invasion of the Pody People) and James (Reviewing Rodders) to talk about some newer films. Films that include Everything Everywhere All At Once, Monstrous and Spontaneous. Lovely.

Till next week with a director who you'll have to listen to find out about, this is Directors Uncut

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