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Steve M Nash

A caring, curious, often counterintuitive and occasionally challenging insight into being human. An uncommon perspective, no less, on what it means to be human - a perspective that encourages noticing what unites us as people, not what separates and divides us. And all via 10- to 15-minute mostly-scripted monologues.

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If life is a game, then what are the rules? Are these rules universal, or do we get to make up our own rules? What game is it that we’re each playing (are we playing the same game, for example, is the Hokey Cokey really what it’s all about)? Do these questions even matter?   In this episode I’ve come up with a few games of life, as well as suggested rules for each particular game. Lightheartedly so, of course. But don’t be too quick to dismiss the jester! Chances are that not only do you think that life’s a game (consciously, or otherwise), you think that everyone else should be playing the same game as you (when they most certainly are not). And this is true no matter how wise and loving the game of life is that you think you’re playing… “Life is a puzzle, a riddle, a test, a mystery, a game—whatever challenge you wish to compare it to. Just remember, you're not the only participant; no one person holds all the answers, the pieces, or the cards. The trick to success in this life is to accumulate teammates and not opponents.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich ~~ SHOW NOTES: 01. Hmm, it seems I did not a) give much time for you to pause on the rules of life I suggested in the podcast and b) I did not directly address why it even matters if life is a game (then what are the rules). Hey ho! Imperfect offerings, and all that. 02. To elaborate a bit more on the game of life being The Hokey Cokey. Someone amusingly once asked, in relation to the song: what if the Hokey Cokey really is what it's all about? (It, being life, of course.) Well, the rules of the game would have to be: in out, shake it all about! Wouldn't they? MUSIC: Unbroken Spirit by Sunfish Grove courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com MORE: Sonder Lust Podcast
Jan 16 2022
5 mins
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