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Psychological Safety in the Workplace with Dionn Schaffner, Aurea
DEI is front and center in the corporate world, and for good reason. Highly inclusive companies innovate faster, attract top talent, and, according to Forbes, are more likely to hit their financial targets by up to 120%. Unfortunately, however, too often we see diversity initiatives like hiring diverse applicants turn DEI into performative quotas. Today's guest says that, by combining remote work with new technologies, companies can turn the tides of their company’s DEI programs to focus more on building inclusive work environments to help all employees feel valued and safe. Bill Banham is joined by Dionn Schaffner, Chief Diversity Officer of enterprise software company Aurea. Listen as Dionn shares ways she is incorporating DEI into the tech Aurea and its clients use in order to make teams feel more included within their company’s virtual culture. Be it including pronoun distinction in their video conferencing tools or prioritizing accessibility design elements in virtual workplace environments, technology has the ability to foster inclusion and connection. Questions include: Why is psychological safety so important in work settings?What are ways leaders can build psychological safety in their workplace?Is it always the leadership's responsibility to set the tone for this? Are there things an average employee can do to help their peers feel psychologically safe?In two mins or less, what results do we see when a workplace is psychologically safe? How does this fit into the broader DEI conversation?We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
25 mins
Kazoo Aquires WorkTango with Rob Catalano
The HR tech space has been consolidating heavily over the past few years while money is pouring into this space like never before amid the pandemic and upheaval of the workforce. Funding in the sector totaled nearly $7.5 billion at the end of 2021 – more than the totals for 2019 and 2020 combined. Kazoo, the all-in-one employee experience platform, recently announced the acquisition of WorkTango, the Toronto-based employee experience survey and people analytics company.Bill is joined by WorkTango Chief Engagement Officer & Co-Founder, Rob Catalano. Questions Include: Why partner with Kazoo? Before we get into the functionalities, what was the brand fit? Short term: Kazoo and WorkTango will initially operate their platforms individually as they work to fully integrate both the teams and the solutions. You will join Kazoo’s executive team as Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer. Tell me about the transition period and what it will; mean for your customers in the short term. Longer-term: Through this acquisition, Kazoo will expand its capabilities with WorkTango's comprehensive employee listening solution that gathers employee feedback via configurable templates, intelligently analyzes the data in automated dashboards, and recommends next steps for people leaders based on those insights. Additionally, Kazoo will leverage WorkTango's expertise in data, analytics, and AI across the platform to unlock a more complete understanding of an employee's day-to-day experience. Tell me about the new combined functionality you'll now offer to customers. Any advice for others thinking of starting an HR tech business? What are your predictions for the HR tech space over the next 12-24 months? As the HR tech space continues to grow, Kazoo’s acquisition aims to create better technology experiences for both HR leaders and employees, and provide the only solution in the market with employee engagement, recognition and performance management capabilities in a single platform. Through this acquisition, Kazoo will expand its capabilities with WorkTango's comprehensive employee listening solution. For more details, you can find the full press release linked here.We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media
3d ago
20 mins
The Power of Music in the Office with Jamie Sura, TouchTunes
Now more than ever employees highly value their everyday work experience. Company culture is evolving to encompass the things that make people want to come to work. In this HRchat episode, we consider the power of music in the workplace. Bill's guest this time is Jamie Sura, Senior Vice President of Sales for TouchTunes, the jukebox mobile app bringing team-sourced music to help create vibrant and engaging office environments.Jamie is responsible for driving continuous revenue growth through effective channel management and strategic sales initiatives. Questions Include: Given the context of the Great Resignation and the difficulty of attracting and retaining employees, why do you believe companies must find new and innovative employee benefits to attract talent and keep existing employees happy? TouchTunes has launched a new music solution for workplaces called TouchTunes Unlimited to help create a vibrant and engaging workplace culture for employees. ​Who should select the music played in offices? HR, leaders, employees, all? What checks can be in place to ensure the music is apt for office culture? How do you believe tools like TouchTunes Unlimited help to improve workplace culture?More About Jamie SuraPreviously at TouchTunes, Jamie was responsible for National Accounts, the Technical Services team and Canada, and also supported the transformation and reorganization of the Inside Sales team. Prior to joining TouchTunes, Jamie served as Vice President, Small and Medium Business at Bell Canada. Mr. Sura previously held a number of leadership, operational and strategic sales and management roles with small and large companies including IBM and Snap-On Tools. Mr. Sura holds a BA with a major in Physics from Colgate University.About TouchTunesTouchTunes is an interactive music platform that has over 70,000 digital jukeboxes in bars, restaurants and beyond. With TouchTunes Unlimited, TouchTunes is expanding to bring an interactive music experience, enjoyed by millions of people every week, to offices and workplaces nationwide.We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
1w ago
23 mins
WFH and Employee Benefits with Karen Mangia, SalesforceCandidate Assessments and Pre-Hire Tech with Josh Millet, Criteria
There were 11.3 million job openings in the US at the end of January 2022 – a number that has been surging as an unprecedented proportion of employees leave their companies. The Great Resignation is being driven by a range of factors – from greater labor mobility to rapidly shifting employee demands. This means companies have to be capable of hiring the right employees quickly and at scale through broadening their talent pools, cutting time-to-hire, and onboarding employees who will improve the company’s culture, increase diversity, and drive productivity. In an era of high turnover and constantly shifting talent pools, can assessment technologies help to predict long-term talent outcomes or is it a resource only designed for the hiring and onboarding stages? That's a key question today's guest tries to answer. Listen too, as we consider the challenges faced by larger organizations when competing to attract talent faster is a post-pandemic world of work. Bill is joined by Josh Millet, Founder and CEO of Criteria, a talent decisions platform on a mission to help companies make objective, evidence-based talent decisions that both reduce bias and drive outcomes.Josh founded Criteria in 2006 with a vision to create a SaaS-based pre-employment testing service that would make the highest quality employee assessment tools accessible to companies of all sizes. Criteria helps organizations make objective, evidence-based talent decisions that both reduce bias and drive better outcomes for their teams.Questions Include:Much of the help you offer is top-of-funnel - can you talk about the assessments and pre-hire tools you offer?You also help with talent mobility. What do you do to help with internal movement?How can assessments cut down on the number of interview stages and speed up time-to-hire?  Criteria has a broad range of assessment and related tools. That includes purchases of an EQ assessment company out of Australia and, recently, a video recruitment platform. EQ - assessment - how reliable? Video recruiting - what more can be gained for virtual face-to-face screening? Later this year you'll be administering 1 million assessments in a single month and you project 10 million assessments will be conducted by Criteria software in 2022! What kind of data does that offer?In a time when it's hard to find top talent, can assessments put off some candidates?More About JoshPrior to launching Criteria, Josh co-founded an online test preparation company, Number2.com, which was acquired by Xap Corp of Culver City, CA, in 2002. After the acquisition, Josh served as the President of Xap's test prep division. He has co-authored testing-related articles published in the Journal of Educational Computing and the American Psychological Society Observer. Josh holds a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar and a Mellon Fellow.More About Criteria CorpCriteria is an assessment company dedicated to helping organizations make better talent decisions using objective, multidimensional data. By combining leading-edge data science with rigorous validation backed by I/O psychologists, we provide the most precise assessments available. Our suite of assessments is the most comprehensive on the market and covers aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, risk, and skills to provide the most robust picture of talent. Since launching in 2006, our assessments have been administered more than 25 million times.We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely indep
May 10 2022
25 mins
How to be a More Impactful CHRO with Norm Smallwood, RBL Group
In this episode, Bill Banham talks with Norm Smallwood, a recognized authority in developing businesses and their leaders to deliver results and increase value. In 2000, Norm co-founded The RBL Group, an advisory firm to the world's top HR leaders, with Dave Ulrich. His current work relates to increasing business value by building “outside-in” organizational, leadership, and people capabilities that measurably impact market value. Questions For Norm Include: How would you describe the evolution of HR?What are some trends you're seeing in human capital analytics?What are the KPIs to consider when hiring a CEO?What about the KPIs for hiring and measuring HR leaders?What is your take on succession planning? Is there a best way to do it?  What have the best companies done to develop the leaders with the right capacity to lead successfully? Can you give some examples of companies getting it right?More About Norm SmallwoodNorm partners with clients to increase the contribution of people to the business by aligning the organization to foster high-performance cultures that resonate with customers. Outputs include distinctive organizational capabilities and a recognizable leadership brand. Success is defined as increased confidence in the future by investors, customers, and employees. This translates in publicly traded firms to a higher stock price and a strong reputation for the business.In 2010, the Harvard Business Review recognized Norm in an ad for the magazine as doing “innovative and ground-breaking work on effective leadership.” Norm has co-authored eight books, and he has published more than a hundred articles in leading journals and newspapers. Norm has been a frequent blogger on HBR Online where his blog on Personal Leader Brand was highlighted as one of ten most read of 2010. He was a faculty member in executive education at the University of Michigan in the Ross School of Management between 2001 and 2003. For several years, Leadership Excellence magazine has ranked  Prior to co-founding The RBL Group, Norm was a founding partner of Novations Group, Inc. where he led business strategy, organization design, and human resource management projects for a wide variety of clients spanning multiple industries. Before this, he was an organization development professional at Procter and Gamble in a start up business in Georgia and in Calgary, Alberta, with Esso Resources Canada. We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
May 6 2022
24 mins
Hiring Tech Talent with Lauren Waters, Xero
During the Great Resignation, many recruiters are looking for refreshing ways to find new talent. In technology, a field that requires candidates of such particular and refined expertise, the challenge is even more nuanced. Our guest today is Lauren Waters, Talent Experience Manager, Americas at  Xero, accounting software that provides tools for small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers. Lauren understands the process of trying to land a job in the tech industry and has first-hand experience of what sticks and what doesn’t. Questions For Lauren Include: How has the growth of the Gig Economy and more need for accounting software for start-ups over the past couple of years impacted Xero? What are some of the unique challenges TA pros when attempting to hire folks into tech companies and when trying to fill tech roles? Why is it vital for a candidate to be truthful during the hiring process? What can happen if the candidate misleads a hiring manager/TA pro? Why do you believe it's so vital that candidates demonstrate they care about culture fit and the DEI efforts of a potential employer's brand? What does that say about their motivations and likeness to stay with an org for the longer term? Mastering the art of phone impressions - Your team stresses the importance of bringing on your energy and enthusiasm when interviewing or networking over the phone. As the interviewer is not able to see a candidate's body language over the phone, it is vital to approach the call with vigor – within reason. It’s also important to balance between being excited and not seeming too desperate. Tell me more.Debunk the “fake it til’ you make it” mantra – most of the time people think they need to have an answer to every question thrown at them. Why is it okay to say “I do not know”!We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
May 5 2022
29 mins
How to Attract Diverse Applicants with Leigh Mitchell, Bee Happy HR & Marketing Co
In today's HRchat episode, Bill is joined by Leigh Mitchell. Leigh has successfully built a career as a diversity-driven Recruiter & Marketer, Brand Consultant, Diversity & Inclusion Trainer, and Talent Strategist, as well as a Marketing Professor at the University of Guelph Humber. Leigh is committed to equality and belonging in workplaces and founded Bee Happy HR & Marketing Co. to improve diversity and inclusion results within organizations committed to making a difference but not sure where to start. Bee Happy HR is a full-service brand management and diversity-driven HR company.  Leigh supports business owners, busy recruiters & HR departments to provide a variety of HR and business branding services with a certified team of experts in her Bee Happy HR Hive. Leigh is also the founder of Women in Biz Network, she coaches clients, speaks with influential guests on her Time to Thrive Podcast, curates mentorship initiatives, promotes Women in Biz Network’s vetted diversity-driven career board, and delivers skill-building events to a variety of audiences. Questions:What trends do you see coming out of the great resignation in relation to employer branding and reputation management? Why is having inclusive hiring practices and a strong diversity and inclusion plan of action good for business? How can brands attract more diverse applicants?We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
May 3 2022
24 mins
Actionable Goals to Incorporate into Your Company’s Culture with Becky Seefeldt, Benefit Resource
Professional goals can be very impactful, especially for managers and business owners. In this episode of the HRchat show, we consider actionable goals that can be incorporated into a company’s culture and daily operations. Listen too, as we talk about the latest priorities and requirements in the world of employee benefits.Our guest in episode 429 is Becky Seefeldt, VP of Strategy for Benefit Resource. Listen as Becky gives her take on 7 important targets businesses should strive towards and ways HR pros can implement them.Questions Include: How do you see approaches to employee benefits changing?How is the legislative/regulatory environment affecting benefits?What types of things should employers be looking at in regard to benefits?How is the Great Resignation affecting benefits? What are employers doing to attract and retain talent?Let's now discuss your seven actionable goals that can be incorporated into a company’s culture and daily operations. Please take some time and run through each and why it mattersMore About BeckyBecky has spent the last 20 years dedicated to the education, marketing, product development and advancement of consumer-driven benefit solutions. She is currently responsible for product strategy, company-wide strategic initiatives, and industry advocacy and education efforts.Becky currently serves on the Board and Communication Committee Chair of ECFC, an industry organization dedicated to the education and advancement of consumer-driven benefits. Becky is a member and active contributor of the Forbes Business Council. Becky has contributed to publications such as SHRM, BenefitsPro, Employee Benefit News, and California Business Journal. Becky currently serves as the primary host of BRI’s podcast– The BRIght Side of Benefits.We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
Apr 28 2022
26 mins
The Recruitment-Marketing Connection with Cole Evans, WorkzingaHow CHROs Can Keep Employees Engaged with Whitney JohnsonWhy Invest in Leadership Coaching with Christine Tao, Sounding BoardBetter Ways to Find and Attract Candidates with Geoff Webb, isolvedHow HR Leaders Can Better Support Employees with Brian Hughes, First OnsiteMultiple Generations in the Workplace with Lindsey Pollak
In this episode, we'll be talking about multiple generations in the workforce.Our guest is Lindsey Pollak, a New York Times bestselling author and a leading career and workplace expert. Her latest book is a response to the Covid crisis: "Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work," published by HarperCollins, is available now.Lindsey was shortlisted for the 2021 Thinkers50 Talent Award and named to the 2020 Thinkers50 Radar List, which honors global management thinkers whose work is shaping the future of how organizations are managed and led.Her previous book, "The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace"  was named a Book of the Month by both the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. She is also the author of two career advice books for young professionals: "Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders" and "Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World."Lindsey’s speaking audiences and consulting clients have included more than 250 corporations, law firms, conferences and universities, including Aetna, Citi, Estée Lauder Companies, GE, Goldman Sachs, Google, Pfizer, Verizon, Yale, Harvard, Wharton and Stanford.Her advice and opinions have appeared in such media outlets as The TODAY Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and NPR.Questions for Lindsey Pollak Include:You speak across the US at top companies, law firms, universities, and conferences. What are the biggest topics people ask about talent?In today’s workplace, both mentoring and networking are keys to growth and success. How does the generational remix apply to these activities? How would you advise people to build authentic cross-generational relationships?What will be the impact on the rest of us as Boomers leave the workforce? What are your most practical, actionable tips for leaders managing people of multiple generations?How should leaders think about generational diversity as it relates to clients and customers?What are the biggest misconceptions about the generations? More About LindseyLindsey is Brand Ambassador for the HR technology company Cappfinity and previously served for six years as an official ambassador for LinkedIn. In her philanthropic work, she serves as a board director of FourBlock, a national nonprofit that supports veteran career transition. She is a graduate of Yale University and is based in New York City. We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
Apr 14 2022
29 mins
Live From SHRM TalentHow HR Leaders Can Become More Strategic with Andrew Bartlow, Series B Consulting
In HRchat episode 421, we chat about why you should consider a career in HR and ways you can rise to become a successful and strategic HR leader.Bill's guest is Andrew Bartlow. Andrew is co-author of Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations and leads Series B Consulting, which helps businesses to articulate their people strategy and accelerate their growth while navigating rapid change. Questions For Andrew Include:Before launching Series B Consulting, you led HR for Waypoint Homes. As a senior member of Waypoint's leadership team, you were instrumental in the company's evolution from a real estate tech startup to a $14+ billion publicly-traded company (NYSE: INVH) that created a new asset class with its disruptive business model. ​Can you share some of the challenges of leading HR efforts at a company that's scaling at speed? Why do you believe folks should explore a career in HR today? Did you have mentors? Did they share how HR pros can develop a successful career over time?How can HR leaders "be more strategic"?Having coached and mentored dozens of HR leaders, what do you see as some of the most common or most significant challenges that HR leaders are facing this yearYou presented sessions at the March 2022 Hacking HR global online conference. One of the topics you addressed was: Transforming HR Strategy into Financial Metrics. Can you share a bit about the session and the learning outcomes? More About AndrewAndrew has 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Management experience at organizations across a wide spectrum of sizes, maturity stages, and industries. He has a master’s degree from the top program in his field, and has been CECP, SPHR, Six Sigma, and executive coaching certified. Andrew also founded the People Leader Accelerator, which is the preeminent development program for startup HR leaders.We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
Apr 8 2022
22 mins
Exploring Employment Law and Regulatory Changes with Chris Ceplenski and Susan Brodeur, BLR
In HRchat episode 420, we focus on employment law, ways to save time and effort researching regulatory changes, and resources for hot topics such as DEI. Bill Banham is joined by Chris Ceplenski, Senior Content Manager, and Susan Brodeur, Director, Partnership Solutions at BLR.Questions Include: Can you explain the traditional time investments and obstacles faced by HR teams when researching regulation changes?What are some of the key legal/compliance issues to consider when creating employee handbooks?Can you explain some of the difficulties in creating job descriptions from scratch? Why is it so important for organizations to have job descriptions that are both legally compliant and accurate?Beyond the job spec, can you walk us through some of the other key stages of the hiring process and issues HR teams must be aware of to ensure compliance?How, if at all, has the expansion of remote work complicated the hiring process?Do remote workers try to game the system? How can HR teams deal with it? Diversity has become a topic of growing importance in recent years and is a concept that has continued to evolve. “DEI” has become the common terminology in the workplace, and for employee training. What do you see as key components of DEIand how can employers address each through training and other employment practices?Can you explain some of the recent FMLA and sick leave changes? The recreational use of cannabis is now legalized in 18 states, the District of Columbia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam. Another 13 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands have decriminalized its use. What does the expansion of legalized marijuana mean for employer responsibilities?About BLRBLR is an information services and technology company with a mission to assist organizations in what matters and what works when driving a successful corporation. The company strives to simplify compliance and drive success with online and in-person solutions to help businesses unlock their full potential.BLR’s platform, HR Hero®, provides need-to-know information in an easy-to-understand way, to empower the effectiveness of your HR team.  With over 40 years of experience, BLR offers access to their employment law experts and customer support to offer help for complicated topics.We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
Apr 7 2022
29 mins
SHRM Talent Conference Preview with Emily M. Dickens
Attracting and retaining your employees has never been as tough as it is right now. Workforce shortages resulting from Covid and the Great Resignation have impacted operations at companies, large and small, across the globe. From April 10th through to April 13th, the SHRM Talent Conference and Expo will bring HR pros and leaders together to strategize and demonstrate new ways to compete in a very competitive labor market. Our guest today is Emily M. Dickens, Chief of Staff, Head of Government Affairs and Corporate Secretary for SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management.  A member of the executive team, Emily has responsibility for implementing the CEO's vision, corporate governance, global outreach, government affairs, and the organization’s buildings and property.  Emily will be moderating a session at the SHRM Talent Conference and Expo on April 11th.Questions Include:Tell our listeners about SHRM and what makes you proud to be involved at the leadership level? What are some of the strategies employers are implementing in response to the Great Resignation?How is the Great Resignation impacting workers who remain in their jobs?What is your advice for employers who are dealing with overwhelmed workers? In response to the labor market mismatch and stalled progress on immigration reform, what should we hope for in terms of state and federal support for workforce development initiatives?You're moderating a session at the upcoming SHRM Talent Conference on April 11th called Forward Together with Boeing. The panel features Michael D'Ambrose, Chief Human Resources Officer & Executive Vice President, Human Resources, The Boeing Company. You're going to speak with Michael about how this Fortune 100 company continues to evolve its talent strategies to attract, develop and retain diverse talent during this challenging time. Tell me more about the session and why folks should attend.  We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
Apr 5 2022
23 mins
Leveraging People Analytics with Dr. Tyrone Smith Jr.
Our guest this time is Dr. Tyrone Smith Jr., Global Head of People Analytics & Insights at Udemy. Tyrone is responsible for designing and scaling Udemy's first-ever People Analytics function from the ground up. He leads the Global people data and talent management strategy development while partnering with business leaders to drive strategic initiatives to include but not limited to employee sentiment, strategic workforce planning, talent selection, development and performance assessments, people/business metrics, people technology, and research.Questions Include: Offboarding and employer brand reputation management: "Given the rising importance of an excellent internet presence when it comes to building and maintaining a positive reputation, both within an industry and outside of it, the incentive to leave a good impression on all employees, even those leaving, is certainly present". But what does that process look like and is it truly important enough to justify the potentially steep time investment? Adopting customer experience approaches for employees: In an article last year, you wrote "To develop a thoughtful and effective employee experience, look to customer journey maps for inspiration. Understand what works and how it can be applied to your workforce. Identify touchpoints, your message and communication across them and try to alleviate pain points in the workflow the same way you would obstacles in a buyer’s journey." Talk about the lessons organizations can learn from how they treat customers. Why should HR leaders encourage hybrid work? What are the benefits? What are some of the top tactical skills HR and TA pros need in 2022? "According to recent research by Harvard Business Review, the difference in wages between POC workers and their white counterparts is approximately $220 billion. The disparity has a widespread effect on the broader POC community and helps perpetuate the intergenerational mobility gap that, in turn, denies families the ability to overcome poverty." What can HR professionals and employers do to address the mobility gap to ensure that the POC community has the same opportunities as other workers? You are a Founding Member of the HackingHR HR Expert Council. Talk about the council and why you got involved. We do our best to ensure editorial objectivity. The views and ideas shared by our guests and sponsors are entirely independent of The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and Iceni Media Inc.
Apr 1 2022
24 mins