179 Digital Products, Courses, and 90% Margins with The Real Estate CPA, Brandon Hall

Business Strategy for CPA's

Mar 2 2022 • 42 mins

Many CPAs serve a general population of people, doing accounting for anyone with a business, and taxes for anyone who needs a return.

Because they don’t go deep into one subject matter, it makes it hard to provide the enormous value that would warrant high fees.

So, rather than grow revenue by increasing value and therefore fees, they grow revenue by increasing volume.

This is a sure-fire on ramp to the hamster wheel.

Instead, occupying a narrow position in the marketplace can solve the aforementioned problems.

Here today to talk with me about this is my guest, Brandon Hall .

Brandon is the founder and managing partner at The Real Estate CPA. The firm serves more than 700 clients nationwide and has 30 employees.


— “If anybody's going to create courses, I would recommend starting a Facebook group.”

— “How do you just get people to continue to want to buy the next thing? Just offer them an incredible amount of value for whatever they've paid.”

— “When you niche, you will be able to build a brand where you'll be the go-to person, and that will create multi-million dollar revenue streams.”

— “To pick a niche, start with something that you're already interested in, and see if there's a market there.”

— “When you create a group you're creating a community. The world is trending towards online communities to talk about your product, to talk about your services, and ultimately sell your services.”

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