Rate My Retirement - Episode 4 (Brian and Julie Evans Case Study)

Rate My Retirement

Oct 27 2021 • 38 mins

In the latest installment of Rate My Retirement, Dan Casey is joined by a Director of Marketing and Michigan resident, Brian Evans, to discuss Brian's current retirement planning efforts and offer suggestions to bolster the effectiveness of the plan overall.

While Brian's current strategy contains a lot of successful elements, Dan explored the need for a trust and why this could only reinforce his retirement plan moving forward.

This case study features another great dive into the world of retirement planning that's sure to leave you with insights that could be applied to your own retirement strategy!


0:05 - Welcome to the show and an overview on Dan's work in retirement planning

1:19 - Welcoming Brian Evans to the show

1:58 - Overview on Brian and Julie's assets and income

4:30 - Dan's issues and concerns with Brian and Julie's current retirement strategy

6:45 - What Brian and Julie's retirement rate of return needs to be

11:28 - The process of putting funds into a Roth 401K

15:28 - Discussing the need for a trust and why it might be the right strategy for Brian and Julie

25:34 - Dan's recommend actions to take

32:00 - The advantages of putting money into a Roth

37:44 - Closing remarks

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