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The Elite Nurse Practitioner Show is a podcast that teaches nurse practitioners (NPs) how to earn what they're worth and lead a balanced life. Host Justin Allan is a family nurse practitioner (FNP). Justin knows what it's like to work 60-hour weeks for hourly rates while doctors earn more doing less. He became tired of the limitations imposed by healthcare administrators. So, Justin took control of his professional life. He now makes over $450,000 per year. Justin started and exited successful opioid addiction and medical cannabis businesses. He runs two prosperous men's health clinics. Justin also offers courses for NPs who want to be self-sufficient. In each episode, he advises a practitioner seeking financial freedom. Listeners learn from their conversations.

Justin says it's a misconception that NPs have abundant job options. He calls the market saturated and says NPs feel undervalued and underpaid. The Elite Nurse Practitioner Show explains how to exit that role with a startup or side business. Justin discusses how to choose a specialty and pivot as needed. He talks about cash versus insurance and how to price procedures. Justin recommends earning at least $100 per patient. Podcast listeners learn the best locations to start clinics. Almost half of US states give full practice authority. That allows NPs to open independent practices. Other states require a physician as a collaborator.

In the first episode of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Show, a guest asks Justin for marketing tips. She was an ER and prison nurse before starting her own aesthetics and wellness practice. She needs Justin's help increasing patient volume and retention. She thought cosmetic and stem cell injections might be the most lucrative. Justin asks what earns the most. She says it's her IV treatments and testosterone therapy. Justin replies, "Let the world tell you what they want." He offers a strategy she can implement that week to boost her revenue. Podcast listeners hear her excitement as she considers the new plan. Justin helps people find niche service lines that may produce wealth and joy.

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Episode 117: Escaping The Grind of Running your Business
Apr 4 2024
Episode 117: Escaping The Grind of Running your Business
Today we'll be talking to Nichole, a dual-certified FNP/ACNP working full time on her own practice that she started a year ago. Nichole's practice offers primary care, HRT, weight loss, and aesthetics in a medical spa-type setting within the practice. Nichole has been feeling overwhelmed in her business, with less personal time and freedom than she had even when she was an employee, and she comes to the show looking for help on how to hire another provider to offload some of the work and how to keep growing her practice successfully. In this episode, we discuss how it's completely normal to feel bound to your business at the start of its success. When you're the single provider in your practice, taking care of a large patient volume will reduce your free time significantly. The next logical step in this situation is to bring in a second provider that will help you offload some of the work and get some of your time back.  A successful business will take a lot of your time at first, but smart hiring and delegating responsibilities will lead you to true financial independence in the long run. Reminder: The Elite Nurse Practitioner Show will be released every Thursday! You can listen to the podcast directly through the main Elite Nurse Practitioner website or your favorite streaming service. The podcast is on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music! So, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE US A LIKE AND POSITIVE REVIEWS! It would mean the world to me.Also, be sure to share this with all your other nurse practitioner sisters and brothers. The more people who know how to break free, the better our profession will be!PS If you have a problem in your professional life and need a one-on-one consultation with me and want to be on the show, then PLEASE email me at This only works if I can interview and consult with YOU!