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ElTele & The Captain

Two blokes, upside down and many miles from home, talk about popular culture. And unpopular culture too. Books, music, films, the news, what we had for dinner last night.. everything is fair game. Let's do this!

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001 - The Trailer
Oct 3 2021
8 mins
015 - Should They Stay Or Should They Go?014 - Couch Surfing: More Music, Film and Books013 - You Lucky People012 - Oscars Slap, New Dog, Digging Archaeology011 - Still Game for Glastonbury, New Music and More010 - Everything is Philosophy, Philosophy is Everything009 - Film Film Film Music Music Music Books Books Books008 - The Vinyl Examination007 - The James Bond Special006 - The Beatles Get Back Special005 - Abandoned Books and Character Actors004 - Special Guest Appearances003 - The 27 Club and Beyond002 - The Difficult Second Episode001 - The Trailer