The Pivot: Defining Your Values and Finding Your Fire

Stop Blaming Avocados

Jul 19 2023 • 1 hr

Have you ever experienced something in life so incredibly substantial and life-changing that it led you to reevaluate your why?

Many have, many will, and many currently are. We lived through a world pandemic. We're fighting for equal human rights. We're going through market shifts. These events, plus so many others, are influential in history but more specifically, impact us personally.

Domenique Rice is an activist, a laid back California transplant savvy, Brooklyn Girl, wine and liquor sales guru, DEIB advocate, incredible mother of five, and she is an unapologetic truth teller.

In our episode, we discuss Domenique's story - from losing her son in 2017 to pandemic parenting in 2020 to a layoff in 2022. We navigate what Domenique calls her "reawakening" and discuss what it means to reclaim your voice, define your values, and reignite your fire.

Join us for the conversation and reflect on your own path and learn about ways to find your voice, discover your values, and become inspired to live them proudly every day.

During our episode, we reference the following communities and non-profits:

  • The Hue Society - A community-based organization committed to creating access and resources for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities while providing enriching cultural wine experiences for consumers and brands alike.
  • PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy - A non-profit organization on a mission to end preventable stillbirth. Through partnerships with health providers and aggressive awareness campaigns, PUSH empowers expectant families with the equitable, evidenced-based medical care and education they need to advocate for a healthy pregnancy, providing parents and babies with the best possible chance to make it home safely together.

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