JoyAwareness Radio

Marlynn Bourque

JoyAwareness is inviting you to discover your joie de vivre. It is that zest for living, a buoyant enjoyment of life. JOY is what you already are. It is a lightness of being. Your AWARENESS allows you to access the joy that you are. Your capacity to be aware is your ticket to live happily, without all the lies, judgments, limitations and unconsciousness that you have been trained to function from. Kids have that vibrancy of living. Joy is a whisper of possibilities, choices, questions and contributions. We invite you to ride with joy through good and tough times. We will look at the value of hedonism, what is enlightenment, having true caring, how we attract magic when we are joyful. Explore the orgasmic joy of embodiment, the sexualness of being in your body. Come share the space of gratitude. read less
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