Latinas Break

Denny Alfonso, Estefania Iglesias

What's life about for a trio of empowered Latinas in the U.S? Celeste, Denny, and Estefania are taking the wheel on the day-by-day challenges Hispanic women experienced while fulfilling the tasks of being moms, entrepreneurs, heads of household, public figures, influencers, etc. You will surely enjoy hearing the insightful take and funny experiences of a Colombian, an Argentinian, and a Venezuelan revealing stories with no filter.

Episode 18:  Doable New Years' resolutions, why is so hard to keep them todo el año?Episode 17:  Holidays in Latin America vs US traditions./ Navidad o Xmas?Episode 16:  Big sizes are in danger to disappear in your average clothing tiendaEpisode 15:  Remote workers, how productive is el trabajo from casaEpisode 14:  Opening the Pandora Papers box/ Abriendo la Caja de PandoraEpisode 13:  Surviving the Facebook Blackout/ Sobreviviendo el Blackout de FacebookEpisode 12:  2021 an special year for Halloween / 2021 un año para HalloweenEpisode 11:  Celebrating our Hispanic Heritage / Celebrando nuestra Herencia HispanaEpisode 10:  You vs Your mother-in-law, who's raising your baby?/ Tu vs La suegra, quien cria a tu hijo?.Episode 9:  Dads by catalog, and app to find the right one/ Padres por catalogo un app para encontralo.Episode 8:  Olympic athletes doubly inspiring / Atletas olimpicas doblemente inspiradorasEpisode 7:   Taliban: the terror of Afgan women/ Talibanes: el terror de la mujer afganaEpisode 6:  Where do Latinos work? / En que trabajamos los Latinos?Episode 5:  Pride Month/ Mes del orgullo LGBTQEpisode 4:  Raising multicultural Babies/ Criando bebés multiculturalesEpisode 3: Giving birth to Latinx babies / Parto dobleEpisode 2:  Los hombres y las tareas domésticas /  Men and household jobsEpisode 1:  We need a Latinas Break