Frances Arnautou - Volleyball for Yale, Pro in Greece, Music

Empowering Women Through Sports

Sep 1 2021 • 45 mins

“Pressure to an extent is derived from people believing in you and believing in your capability to win. Pressure is an opportunity to meet expectations, rather than a negative thing that would cause stress”

Frances Arnautou is wise beyond her years. Frances recently graduated from Yale where she played indoor volleyball as the setter, and was honored with awards that we’ll touch on. After graduating in 2020 she went on to play pro volleyball in Greece. Now she’s delving into the world of music – she sings, plays guitar, writes and produces under the name of Frances Lee. She's on Instagram: @frannybanany and find more info on @ewtspod, so be sure to follow!

Franny with Lebron: In our discussion you'll hear about Franny's interaction with LeBron, it is really fun!

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