Robin Farina-Pro cyclist, Endurance Coach, Bike adventures

Empowering Women Through Sports

Aug 4 2021 • 42 mins

As you may know by now, this podcast is an inspirational tool, and illustrates through an athlete’s eye how beneficial sports can be throughout life.
We hear from our interviewees how sports build confidence, and that through working together as a team, we can achieve great things.
In this episode, I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Robin Farina, a former professional cyclist who has transformed her cycling career and love of sports into full time endurance coaching. Robin will share some insights on her coaching methods to helps us all in achieving our goals.
Robin also loves travel, food and wine – a great combination! - and she has incorporated bike and wine tours to cycling-centric places around the world. Robin truly embodies all of the attributes we acquire from sports.

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