Real Talk: Reframing your mindset, P2


May 18 2021 • 40 mins

Ever been put in a situation of having complete culture shock from living in a third world country when growing up? Learn to broaden your horizons in this episode of Real Talk; hear all about the ups and downs of experiencing a completely different lifestyle from what you're used to and the realities of starting over from zero. Reframe your mindset, don't view what you have and what you have access to as a given, because it isn't.

Chaminger host, Fabian Chagoya, and his brother, Alejandro Chagoya, discuss the importance of self-reflection, authenticity, being honest with yourself and others and the value of being vunerable. They discuss their truths and struggles, having grown up as diplomat kids and living in six different countries and how they've coped with constant change.

This is an example of the journey to Becoming Xceptional through Alejandro. Tune in each week to hear more stories and see the progression! This episode is a part 2 series, if you haven't listened to part 1 yet, we suggest checking that out first so you don't miss any of the knowledge nuggets dropped!

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