The Paranoid Squirrel ep 546

The Paranoid Squirrel

Apr 1 2017 • 1 hr

First broadcast on Rock Radio UK at 11pm 31-03-17

My favourite Discharge track will kick this week’s show off, which will be swiftly be followed by a track from The Clamps new album “Blend, Shake, Swallow”. On the single front, I’ll be playing new ones from Tommy and the Rockets, The Dahlmanns and Blasting Fondas. If you sign up to Michael Monroe’s mailing list, you’ll be able to download an exclusive live track as a reward/incentive. Obviously, I did, with the fruits being played just before I air the Remu and the Hurriganes track that features Michael from the “Electric Play” album. Los Pepes have a third track from their up and coming “Let’s Go” CD aired with the debut single from Nicotine Pretty getting, the world’s second radio play. Nicotine Pretty, for those of you who are unaware feature one Ginge Knievel formerly of the Sick Livers. Up next it’s The Telephone Lovers before I regale my trip up the Underworld on Wednesday to see Enuff Z’Nuff with support from Venrez, who I play. That’s Venrez not Enuff Z’Nuff. Then I’m going to play another new track from the Biters new album “The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be” which hints of the Rubinoos and to underline this I’m going to play the song in question but a live cover from the Hellacopters, who have just parted company with bassist Kenny. An acoustic song performed by Gary Lammin from the Bermondsey Joyriders recorded last Saturday at Raven Retail in Beckenham is the song that will take us up to the hour mark and the end of this week’s show.