In the Kitchen with Liz Chadwick

Emergency to Emergence

Dec 5 2021 • 31 mins

Liz Chadwick, Sterling’s Director of Dining Services (AKA the hard working woman who feeds all, also affectionately referred to as "Mom") dishes about Sterling's Kitchen, which AASHE recently ranked #1 in sustainable food & dining on the latest episode of Emergency to Emergence. Our conversation with Liz charts her own professional journey, explores the emotional potency of food, and details the dynamics of ethical and intentional food sourcing, all of which were amplified during the pandemic. Liz talks about how she collaborates with students and farm staff to create weekly menus; how food at Sterling connects individual experience, learning, and community life; and how to handle the heat of both the kitchen and our passionate discourses about food. It's a delicious listen. [03:19]-How does food make people feel; collaborating with students and farm to create menu   [07:52]-more than farm to table; students living and growing food values in a constant community dialogue [12:00]-dynamic sourcing of food; roots of kitchen culture are challenging monoculture and cultivating discourse [13:27]-challenges of plastic and trash during a pandemic  [20:11]-value of food to create a space for our emotional and physical nourishment; community and student engagement, incubator for student ideas [27:15]-dialogue about hostility in kitchen culture; Sterling fostering energy of kindness and expressed in food served