The Teamster’s Resource Guide: Rick Thomas Mini-Cast

Emergency to Emergence

Jul 18 2021 • 16 mins

In this mini-cast, we rejoin Rick Thomas, Faculty in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems at Sterling College, as he shares with us thought leaders that have inspired his work including Lynn Miller, the Small Farmer's Journal, Rural Heritage Magazine, and more.  Take a listen and glean and apply the practical knowledge to your life. Putting Ecological Thinking into Action: Selected Resources for Further Learning & Doing https://smallfarmersjournal.com/writers/lynn-r-miller/ (Lynn Miller -Draft Animal Power Systems) (author of many good books) https://smallfarmersjournal.com/ (Small Farmer’s Journal)   (online journal) https://www.ruralheritage.com/new_rh_website/resources/draft_horses/draft_horses_main_green.shtml (Rural Heritage Magazine) (Draft Horse Resources)  Steven Leslie, https://bookshop.org/books/the-new-horse-powered-farm-tools-and-systems-for-the-small-scale-sustainable-market-grower/9781603584166 (The New Horse Powered Farm) (book) https://www.draftanimalpower.org/ (Draft Animal Power Network) (Board of Directors and Sterling Alumnx - John Smolinsky ‘14)  Anne and Eric Nordell - Small Farmer Journal,  ”https://smallfarmersjournal.com/cultivating-questions-weed-the-soil-not-the-crop/ (Cultivating Questions: Weed the Soil Not the Crop)” (online journal) Drew Conroy-Oxen- “https://www.storey.com/books/oxen/ (A Teamster’s Guide To Raising, Training, Driving & Showing)” (book) https://www.neoxsupply.com/#/ (New England Ox Supply) (website)