Harnessing the Power of Draft Animal Power Systems with Rick Thomas

Emergency to Emergence

Jul 11 2021 • 30 mins

Rick Thomas, Faculty in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems at Sterling College, joins us and discusses the definition of draft animal power systems, the student experience at Sterling’s Wendell Berry Farming Program in Kentucky, and the philosophy of Wendell Berry. Rick guides us through challenges of working with draft animal power and the conscious choice of doing right for the land. In this episode, we explore the failed food systems and transition from what is to what can be.   [01:41]-Definition of draft animal powered systems [05:58]-Student experience at Wendell Berry Farming Program  [09:12]-Discipline and challenges of working with draft animals [13:10]-Doing what is right for the land, not what is possible [14:06]-Alexander Pope: Genius of the Place [19:17]-Failed Food Systems; Transition from what is to What Can Be [24:15]-Solutions will Draw on Ancient Wisdom; Nature is the Metric