9. Hypothalamic Amenorrhea When You're Not "Underweight" w/ Ashley Smith

The Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Podcast

Sep 2 2020 • 1 hr 9 mins

"But I'm not even that thin"...does this sentence resonate with you? When you feel like you fit the mold of a 'normal body' it can be even harder to dive in to HA recovery. Many of us are in denial because we feel like we're eating plenty and we're still a healthy weight. It really makes you wonder if HA is even what is happening to you... Ashley Smith, todays story teller, went through the wringer. After losing 30lbs of body fat over a few years to come down to a "normal body weight" – you know, the bodyweight that everyone tells you is your healthy BMI? – she lost her period. And she had a really hard time getting help from doctors and figuring out what had happened to it. From being told that she didn't need a period, to being put on HRT and birth control, to being told she had ovarian failure, PCOS, PCOS with HA AND was sent to the IVF clinic even though she didn't even want to get pregnant...yes, she has quite the story to share. I cannot break down in this simple text how amazing her story is, but I just want you to know that you'll walk away with tangible to-do's, it has the best of endings and you are going to walk away totally. pumped. up. about recovery.

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