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Nothing Matters — Everything Matters
Jul 17 2022
Nothing Matters — Everything Matters
A common occupational hazard for anyone I know, who is building something that matters, is to get stuck in a mental loop of “how does this thing I currently do matter in the grand scheme of things?” Playing a computer game to chill out a bit? Get back to work, slacker — the world’s problems won’t solve themselves. Procrastinating by doom-scrolling through TikTok? How could you — there is work to be done! Taking a day off to do — gasp! — nothing? Can’t do!The guilt of being trapped in the “everything has to matter”-loop is real, and gets exaggerated by reading the n-th article on how to be more productive (and the sheer fact that you read this article instead of, you know, be productive, made you feel bad as well).A little while ago, I read “Die With Zero”. It’s a good book, highly recommended. One of the interesting comments the author makes, is that — in the grand scheme of things — your actions don’t matter. Only a few generations down the line, and the world will have entirely forgotten about you and your work. I find this a very comforting thought — it really doesn’t matter all that much what you do with your life (besides for you, of course!). Which means you ought to think about what gives you pleasure and fulfillment — and act accordingly.Now — of course, your actions matter. As a matter of fact, your actions matter greatly. The only way we, as a collective, can make sure we leave this planet better than we entered it, is by working on things that matter, things which have a net-positive impact. Everything matters — from the way you show up for those around you, to what you do with your precious time on this planet.Herein lies the paradox: While nothing matters, everything matters at the same time. I have come to believe that we, individually, have to make peace with this paradox — and go even further by embracing it:Build what matters while being kind to yourself. ★ Support this podcast ★