Perfection Sucks, and It’s Boring

The Heretic

Apr 12 2023 • 1 min

The Heretic Dispatch:

You love what you are doing, are good at it, and take great pride in your work. Awesome. But are you a perfectionist?

It’s funny how we strive (rightfully so) for greatness. We spend countless hours honing our craft. We aim to remove even the slightest flaws – to deliver the perfect product (whatever that might be in your world). And then we become bores.

See, in our effort, we delivered a beautifully polished product – one which ticks all the boxes, but also one which, due to its lack of faults and quirks, is just… boring.

The most iconic products, services, and people have mastered the incredible transition from being perfect at what they do to the extent that they allow tiny imperfections to shine through. It’s the difference between a synthetic and natural diamond: The former is flawless, and the latter is priceless – despite (actually: because of) its tiny imperfections.

Imperfection creates personality. Personality, not perfection, is what we love.

So go ahead be imperfect. We love you for it.

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