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Call Me Curious


Is sugar really more addictive than cocaine? Does intermittent fasting work? Should I buy crypto? We’re all on 24-7 information overload, on our news feeds, in our inboxes, on TikTok… it’s hard to know what is real and what isn’t. Every week on CALL ME CURIOUS, Nikki Boyer (Dying for Sex, The Daily Smile) and friends like Mr. Malone are going to dive into all the things you’ve heard about, but don’t really know about. That’s right - No more nodding along at parties or running into the bathroom to Google, “Why do people get nipple rings?” We’ll learn and laugh as we explore life’s little mysteries, the internet’s hot topics, and burning gotta-know questions.

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Our Editor's Take

Every day, an overwhelming amount of information bombards anyone with access to technology. How to sort through all the noise? Call Me Curious is a podcast that explores the daily happenings of life in a direct and fun way. This show will break down all elements of a trope, topic, or trend to discuss it in detail. Everything from sex toys to pumpkin spice lattes gets an up-close examination.

Host Nikki Boyer is an actress and singer. In her pursuit of answers, she discovers invaluable information for her audience. And it's all presented in an engaging, entertaining way. Listeners will benefit from her curiosity as she hosts the show. What Nikki really does is break down topics of the day in a way listeners can understand. If listeners were ever curious about things like crypto, love at first sight, or even the apocalypse, this podcast is a good place to find answers.

New episodes of the podcast air every week. Each installment runs for around 45 minutes. This run time gives Nikki enough time to discuss the week's chosen topic. Nikki and her guests always offer witty banter and fascinating insights. The result is a podcast with wide-reaching appeal.

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