Enemies of the People

Maria Norris

A podcast about extremism in the 21st Century.Join Dr Maria Norris in conversation with authors, politicians, artists, and policy makers about nationalism, fascism, misogyny, and all other forms of extremism threatening our society. Follow us on Twitter @EnemiesPodFollow Maria on Twitter @MariaWNorris

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Trailer - Enemies of the People
Episode 27 - Mobashra Tazamal on India, China, and Islamophobia as a Tool of FascismEpisode 26: Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan on Islamophobia, Capitalism, and PoetryEpisode 25: Rizwaan Sabir on Trauma and The Violence of CounterterrorismEpisode 24 - Mic Wright on The War on Media LiteracyEpisode 23: Lisa Sugiura on Male SupremacismEpisode 22 - Paul Mason on How To Stop FascismBonus Episode: Introducing Politically Enraged by David LowtherEpisode 21: Colin Yeo on the UK Immigration SystemEpisode 20 - CN Lester on Trans Rights and The Production of IgnoranceEpisode 19 - Anna Meier on White Supremacy and The Idea of TerrorEpisode 18 - Steph Halmhofer on Ancient Aliens, Pseudoarchaeology - and the Far-RightEpisode 17 - Ruth Ben-Ghiat on Strongmen, Masculinity, and PowerEpisode 16 - Prof Sunny Singh on Stories, Empire and DisruptionBonus Episode: How Fascism Works Book ClubEpisode 15 - Annie Klein on QAnon, the Alt-Right, AntiVaxers - and InstagramEpisode 14 - Abbie Richards on TikTok and RadicalisationEpisode 13 - Mike Rothschild on QAnon and The Transnational StormEpisode 12 - Christine Burns on The History of Trans Rights in BritainEpisode 11 - Peter Jukes on The Health of British DemocracyEpisode 10 - Heidi Siegmund Cuda on Journalism, Activism - and Hope