The Consumer Fight Back Show

Bruce J. Danielson with Co-Host “JD” and Engineer “The Shadow”

Our unique consumer advocate credit restoration abilities (the only legal as well as competent consumer advocate credit restorer in America), an uncommon attribute in a time when many consumers are “credit stressed” in today’s catastrophic financial debacle.brbr Our organization helps consumers out of credit trouble. We bill ourselves as “consumer advocates” who are true “consumer friends” and give the consumer the benefit of the any doubt versus “the system.” As you know, it is no secret that there is a plethora of “credit trouble”!brbr FSCC (tm) is a United States Treasury approved Consumer Advocate Credit Counseling organization, that holds a 501(c)(3) certification, and our objective is to actually educate consumers on the “realities” of America’s credit system while restoring their credit scores by actually cleaning up their credit files. Our goal is to restore their good names, thus allowing them to fully reach their financial and personal life goals. read less