EP 186 | The Cash Flow Niches You’ve Never Heard of That Will Make You Rich with M.C. Laubscher (Encore)

The Passive Income Attorney Podcast

Sep 6 2023 • 50 mins

On this encore episode of the Passive Income Attorney Podcast, Seth is joined by the Cash Flow Ninja, M.C. Laubscher, as they talk about the many ways to create cash flow outside of your active income. Inside this week's show, you'll discover M.C.'s favorite niche cash flow generators that you've never heard of. M.C. is a cashflow investor, serial entrepreneur, creator, host of the Cashflow Ninja podcast, and CEO of Producers Wealth. He imparts his expert wisdom when it comes to the idea of diversification across many different types cash flow you can create for yourself. Enjoy the episode!

“Pay taxes on the seed, not the harvest.”


Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

✅ Opportunities present themselves when there is access to information, technology, and education

✅ The best investment vehicles to put your money in to achieve financial freedom

✅ Never get stuck in only one investment – diversify with alternatives

✅ Lesser-known niches you need to know about

✅ How to invest in cryptocurrency in an uncertain market

✅ And so much more!


M.C. Laubscher is a husband, dad, podcaster, author and cashflow expert.

As a cashflow investor and entrepreneur, M.C.’s passion is assisting investors and business owners to create, recover, warehouse, and multiply cashflow through advanced strategies.

Having figured out how to escape the rat race and replace his income through cashflow investing, he shares how highly paid professionals and business owners can replace their incomes through cashflow investing strategies to escape the rat race.

He is focused on helping business owners and investors capitalize on their economic opportunities in times of great change, disruption, and chaos.

M.C. is the creator and host of the top-rated business and investing podcasts, Cashflow Ninja and Cashflow Investing Secrets.

The Cashflow Ninja Podcast has been downloaded over 4.5 million times in over 180 countries and has been featured as one of the top 48 podcasts for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine, and is regularly featured as one of the top 100 podcasts by Apple Podcasts.

M.C. also founded Producers Wealth, an insurance brokerage helping clients in the United States with advanced cashflow strategies, and Producers Capital Partners, a firm assisting investors all over the world to invest in alternative assets that produce passive income in any economy and market.


Website: https://cashflowninja.com/

Get The 21 Best Cashflow Niches book here: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Cashflow-NichesTM-Alternative-Investments/dp/1737883414


Seth Bradley is a real estate entrepreneur and an expert at creating passive income while working as a highly paid, busy professional. He’s closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions as an attorney and investor. He’s the Managing Partner of Law Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on value-add real estate acquisitions and development. He’s a former big law attorney, most recently practicing in the real estate and securities department of a top 3 globally-ranked law firm. He’s also the host of the Passive Income Attorney Podcast, educating attorneys and other professionals on how to stop trading their time for money so that they can practice when they want to, not because they have to.


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