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Our passion- true crime. Our mission- to bring awareness to all cases. On Inhuman you’ll hear everything from the most deranged serial killers, to that missing persons case you’ve been invested in for the last 10 years, to the occasional spooky tale. It’s like kicking it with your besties talking about true crime. Hosted by Haley Toumaian Price and Andrea Shaenanigans, we’re just trying to keep it human over here. read less

Our Editor's Take

Inhuman: A True Crime Podcast shares unsolved cases and haunting tales. The host is Haley, a TikTok creator who wants to be a voice for those unable to share their story. Joining her is YouTube content creator Andrea, who wants to find justice for survivors. There are plenty of fascinating crime stories to discover here.

In Randi Trimble & Her Legacy, Inhuman: A True Crime Podcast addresses the sensitive subject of domestic violence. The two hosts tell the story of an only child called Randi. She met her husband, Brian, and they were ready to start their lives together. He returned home one evening to find her murdered. Why did Brian change his story when talking to the police? Where was all the forensic evidence? Was she killed for her life insurance? The two hosts provide all the details.

What's unique about this story is that there's a positive outcome of such a horrific tragedy. Randi's mom Nancy set up a foundation to help children affected by domestic violence. It's this inspiring legacy that Haley and Andrea want to focus on in the episode in memory of Randi.

Some episodes discuss cases of missing persons. The Fort Worth Missing Trio tells the tale of three girls who went missing in Texas in 1974. Many assumed they had run away, but parents assured detectives this was not the case. In this podcast episode, they reveal evidence of a mysterious letter and a strange phone call. The case remains unsolved.

Haley and Andrea feature listener stories throughout the podcast. They also invite true crime podcast hosts to join them, including Heather and Christie of Sinisterhood.

Inhuman: A True Crime Podcast is on a mission to bring awareness to crime stories throughout the years. Listeners can hear about Tristyn Bailey, who died from 114 stab wounds near her home. There are more stories about missing persons, including those of Ashley Freeman and Oakley Carlson. The program also has episodes about Alex Murdaugh and Gabby Petito. Each episode tries to pay tribute to the victim and their family by telling their story.

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