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Jun 29 2023
How many years does it take to feel as though you really belong? For Francine, an elderly Frenchwoman living on the Scottish Isle of Donan, nothing will ever be the same again. Francine still grieves for her dead husband, Cal, but refuses to be lonely or bored. Her cat, Johnny Hallyday (named for a French pop star of the 60s), is a constant, if indolent companion, and her friend, Barb, though fussy, is always up for a swim or a walk.  Secretly, though, Francine rather despises Barb’s dog, Victor, who is a spoiled and disobedient terrier. On a beach walk, Victor runs away and slips down a hole in a rocky cave, leaving behind his precious collar. When Francine reaches into the hole she finds several bottles of ancient whisky, hidden there after the famous sinking of the SS Politician during World War 2. Outwardly conventional she may be, but like a true Frenchwoman, Francine’s up for a little rebellion when the opportunity arises. She very properly reports the find to the local police, but keeps back a bottle with which she intends to toast the absent Cal with Barb and Johnny Hallyday beside her cosy fire. But the whisky is disgusting; Barb spits it into the fire; the fire leaps out and Johnny’s tail catches light; Francine quickly douses him with a jug of water; Johnny flees through his cat door, leaving Barb horrified and Francine helpless with laughter. Galore! was conceived and produced during lockdown, and inspired by the beautiful Isle of Arran which lies off the west coast of Scotland. At the time, I could see the island from the top of the hill near my house, but for many months was not able to visit it.   Author Jill Korn Director Jill Korn Sound design John Boyd Francine Jill Korn