Messaging Design & Delivery: Sales' or Marketing's Problem?

The Big Sale Illuminati

Sep 7 2023 • 42 mins

Episode 17 – Messaging Design & Delivery: Sales' or Marketing's Problem?

When your organization presents itself one way in the public domain, and your salespeople go in with a different value proposition, message or delivery--you have a problem! From bricks and mortar to board rooms, eCommerce, social media platforms and everything in between, you had better be thinking about how you come across and if you and your products/services/solutions are being perceived as you want them to be. This episode addresses best practices on this topic and what happens when we don't 'do the right thing' by our customers/clients. Listen to see if you are aligning as you should be.

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Tom Searcy

Founder & CEO, Hunt Big Sales

Monique de Maio

Founder & CMO, ondemandCMO

Mark Kennedy

President, Terakeet

Tiffany Olson

President, CEO & Board Member