The Leo Yockey Show

Leo Yockey

Leo Yockey is a transgender, biracial, Tanzanian-American millennial. He is also a software engineer, comedian and advocate recovering from existential dread and burnout. Listen in for a chance to be a fly on the wall as he talks to a diverse array of friends and colleagues. Topics of conversation include racial and gender identity, mental health, spirituality, and redefining success in this rapidly changing world. Stay evolving!

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Sep 7 2021
2 mins
There's No Place Like NoHo (Home Alliance)Internal Conflict Resolution (Rayna Jhaveri)Connecting to Your Ancestors While Biracial (Stephanie Solis)Breaking Down the Gender Binary (Chris Angel Murphy)Read Some Romance (Addie Woolridge)What is Morality? (TRISHES)Embrace the Chaos (Leah Frazier)Put Yourself Out There (Nick DeJesus)Media is More Powerful Than Education (Alli Santos)The Huge Quit Movement (Sean Page)Season 2 TrailerYour Body Holds Memories (Stephanie Somatics)Best of Season 1It's All About Who You Know (Pariss Athena)Everything You Went Thru Brought You Here (Braxton Fleming)Service-Oriented Leadership (Valerie Phoenix)Murphy Bug - Community Reinforces Intuition (#ProtectOakFlat)Meghan Q Barrett - Do Major Life Changes Create Anxiety?Tyler Christiansen - Laziness Vs. The Wrong Career PathShannon Hay - Self-Discovery and Storyboarding