The INFJ Personality Show

Bo Miller

The INFJ Personality Show is all about helping you, an INFJ, understand yourself so that you can reach your potential and live a life of purpose. The show explores your INFJ strengths, weaknesses, goals, frustrations, and more. You'll hear content about topics such as how to help other people "get" you, how to pursue a fulfilling career, and how to establish healthy boundaries with friends, family, and coworkers. The podcast will take a variety of formats, including solo, interview, and perhaps roundtable episodes, but most will follow the solo format.

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Final Episode
Jul 3 2019
4 mins
Final EpisodeEpisode #092: 2 INFJ VicesEpisode #091: What in the world is an INFJ T?Episode #090: The Blind INFJEpisode #089: INFJ Friendship HoppingEpisode #088: INFJ IntensityEpisode #087: Does INFJ = Poor Listener?Episode #086: Why INFJs Should Share Their Work (Even When Doing So Is Uncomfortable)Episode #085: 21 Ways to Make and Keep Friends as an INFJEpisode #084: INFJs and Negative ThoughtsEpisode #083: INFJ or INTJ?Episode #082: The Overwhelmed INFJEpisode #081: 3 Goals for Every INFJEpisode #080: 7 Unique Ways INFJs ParentEpisode #079: INFJs Need More Sleep?Episode #078: Talking with an Older, Wiser INFJEpisode #077: INFJ and ENFP: This is why they attract...Episode #076: The INFJ Identity CrisisEpisode #075: 10 Benefits of Understanding Your INFJ PersonalityEpisode #074: 4 Reasons Why INFJs Make Stand-Out Writers