Talk Like a Leader

Guy Harris

Tips, techniques, and insights for more effective leadership communication. Learn to apply powerful communication strategies to coach, inspire, and resolve conflict situations as a leader.
Three Questions You Can Use for Coaching ConversationsWe All Have BlindspotsMore Than Just Words: Tone, Body Language, Timing, and EnvironmentWhat CAN You Do?Facilitate ConnectionBeware the Sideways CommentConfirm Understanding Before You RespondThe Danger of AssumptionsMaximizing Your Communication Power[Re-broadcast] Data Tells and Stories SellKnow Your Source of Communication PowerHow You Can Blow Another Person's MindRemember to Close the Communication Loop[Re-release] Three Ways to Irritate Others and How to Correct ItThe DISC Style That Makes the Best LeaderBeware of Either-Or InterpretationsFive Communication Strategies to Stop Using and What to Do InsteadHow to Ask Questions Without Backing People into a CornerThe DISC Model is a Good Enough Model Not a Perfect OneHow to Be Assertive Without Being a Jerk